Welcome to the world of Honey!!


This is my adorable dog named Honey. We named her that because the color of her fur and wrinkles, which make her look like honey! She is a Chinese Shar-pei and iv had her for almost 11 years since I was in high school. That means she is an old girl ,but shes still is as active as ever and loves going on hikes! She my best friend in the world so why not make a quick little website about her and Shar-pei's in general.

So if you want to experience the world of Honey and learn more about the Shar-pei, then you're in the right place. Brows the gallery of Honey and discover her awesome journey!! Or visit the history tab to learn more about the origin of the Shar-pei and fun facts about the breed!


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Origin, History, and Fun Facts!


While there are no record of the Shar-pei's origin, it is believed that they originated in China over 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty. These ancient dogs were used as guard dogs for the royal family, hunters, and for dog fighting. The breed is considered a basal breed which predates the emergence of the modern dog breeds of the 19th century.

Brief History

The Shar-pei originated it China during the Han Dynasty and were considered royal guard dogs and in ther 19th century were referred to as the "Chinese fighting dog". Due to the political turmoil in china in the 20th century the dog nearly went extinct since the communist party wanted to destroy anything related to the royal family.

However, the Shar-pei was saved when a breeder named Matgo Law made a plea to save the dog, which was interestingly enough, answered by Life Magazine which published an issue on the dog. After that, the popularity of the dog exploded in the US, and was considered the rarest breed since only around 200 were smuggled out of China and rescued, landing it a spot in the Guinness World Records.

Unfortunately, although the dog was save, the explosion of popularity, and the fact that there wasn't many left, led to a lot of improper and irresponsible breeding. For this reason the Shar-pei suffers from alot of problem to this day. For instance, since the wrinkles were a desired feature breeder pushed the envelope too far which led to a ton of skin problems such as allergies. The excessive skin also caused breathing problems and eyelid problems with the dog the often require surgery. None the less the Shar-pei still hold strong today and makes for an amazing and loyal companion!

Fun Facts

  • The famous wrinkles aren't just there for cuteness. Since Shar-pei's were royal guard dogs, fighters, and hunters; there elastic skin offered a greater level of protection to there vital parts, and allowed them to easily get away ...or bite back.
  • Another popular characteristic of the Shar-pei's is there blue and black tongues. The dark colored tongue was supposedly to make these guard dog look more ferocious and was also thought to ward off evil spirits when they barked!
  • The name Shar-pei means sand skin for there characteristically rough skin and sandy coat.
  • Despite there odd features that may lead some to believe they're the product of years of mixed breeding. The Shar'pei is actually considered a basal breed, which marks dogs closest to the genetic split between wolves. This is why they tend to be stubborn and hard to tame.