Gaming Setup!

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Asus Monitor Keyboard Mouse Pad Microphone Mouse Headphones Computer Chair Computer Case HP Monitor

Why I chose this?

I've always been a big fan of pc gaming. Ive also really enjoyed seeing peoples gaming setups and rigs. Only problem is, if I was curious about certain parts of a setup it would be on me do to my research and figure out where the parts came from.

That is why I made this gaming setup interactive. This enables you to simply find out where to find and purchase each part of the setup by simply clicking the different peripherals. Making it easy to find what ever catches your eye.

I feel like image mapping is super usfull to make a webpage more interactive. It could also be usful for vlogs or any other web forum to show off. This could be used for other things aswell, like fasion for example, with different web mapped links for each piece of clothing, and so on. Definently seems like a fun tool!